parties :: celebrating a birthday?

I love birthday parties! Not only my own but attending other people's parties too. Now that I'm over the hill and have been for a few years, my  friends 40th, 50th and yes, even 60th birthday parties are a regular event. But I'm starting to get sick of the hum drum parties that everyone seems to be coming up with lately . So just for fun I was checking out some party idea sites and came across one called Celebrations.com.. This fun website is chock full of cool ideas for entertaining and throwing parties for just about any occasion. How about a surprise party for your friend who has a  40th birthday coming up? Or a theme party for the kids' birthdays. The website even has suggestions for special occasion and holiday parties, Superbowl parties, graduation parties and wedding anniversary parties. Bridal or baby showers? Yup, they're here too. Anything is an excuse for a party when you think about it. Even today - Obama's Inauguration - lets throw a  Presidential dinner party tonight! So just how easy does this website make it for you? Easy as cake. It has everything covered from recipes, decorations, activities, crafts to  invitation ideas. In fact browsing through all the ideas is getting me in the mood to throw a party for someone. Hmmm.... who will be my next victim???

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