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The Taj Mahal, India

Half the fun of traveling to exciting destinations is the exilaration you get from discovering these far off places first hand. But suppose you'd like to tour...say the Taj Mahal... from the comfort of your home? Without the hassle of airports, lost bags, jet lag etc. Now it is possible.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Last month, 3Dreamteam launched it's unique informational and educational portal, www.vizerra.com., making a virtual journey to the famous remarkable locations in 3D format a reality! National Geographic Russia is the project’s information partner for the first few locations and the site promises to be a popular one with more great destinations in store. Right now you can take a virtual tour of The Taj Mahal ,Angkor Vat, and Tatev Monastery. The tour is free - so check it out!

Its JUST COOL. Of course!

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Clark Heights said...

Taj Mahal - 7th Wonder of the world made by a Indian Lover for his wife .

It would be a great fun . right ???

so if you want to come India for a Romantic and greatest fun . So just come India .!!!

Sahil Singh
Hotel Clark Heights