art :: when grafitti goes bad

"Poster Boy" has raised a few eyebrows since he began his outlaw Grafitti art activity in the underground Big Apple. After all, vandalizing pricey ads that plaster the walls of the NYC subway system really isn't cool, yet it has entertained countless commuters diluged with the usual boring everyday billboard ads. "Poster Boy's" paint brush is a razor blade and his technique is cutting from one ad, and peeling and pasting to another ad, scrambling images to make eye catching and humorous imagery. He's even been busted a few times, on the spot, but that doesn't seem to dampen his determination.

Update: As fate would have it last week, no longer annonymous 27 year old Bushwick Brooklyn native Henry Matyjewicz, AKA "Poster Boy" was arrested at an art event in Soho and charged with criminal mischief.

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