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When my six year old grandson Aven comes over to visit, his first thought is to get on the computer right away and play games. He has a few favorites that he plays all the time but wait until he sees this new game site I just came across for him. MEGA Brands Kids Zone is run by Mega Brands who we all know and love from the childhood classic toys they put out. Mega Brands has been providing stimulating creative experiences for children and families through innovative, well-designed, affordable and high-quality products that are marketed worldwide under leading brands such as MEGA BLOKS®, ROSE ART®, MAGNEXT® and BOARD DUDES. So if their toys are good, imagine how good their Kid Zone website is! At Kid Zone,  your kids (and grand kids) are in for a real treat!

 Here they can embark upon treacherous quests in Legends of King Arthur and Treasure of the Lord Pyrate or blow giant fires in Krystal Warriors and Dragons Mountain. They can flex their muscles and brave the gooey world of Plasma Clash, battling dragons, dinosaurs and furious, high tech fighters. Or declare their sharp-shooting skills in Command Ops and destroy the universe with fireballs in Dragons Metal Ages.I know Aven will love the Krystal Warriors and Dragon Mountain. I checked out a few and my favorite was the Dinosaur one called Plasmaverse Plasma Dinosaurs. Cool too, is that the kids can play for free and the site is safe and secure. So if they must play games on the computer, check out this great action packed website. The kiddies will love it! It's JUST COOL!


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