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purely_anion_bulb.jpgHow many people does it take to change a light bulb at my house? NONE! Because I switched years ago to all CFL's .You know, Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs. If you haven't  made the switch then you should!.I've saved a bundle on my electric bill, not to mention not having had to change or buy a light bulb  in the past two plus years! Okay so CFL's are nothing new. Right. But there's a new CFL on the block - the Anion CFL.

These innovative light bulbs save energy, money AND make you feel good at the same time. Not because you're saving but because they actually make you feel PHYSICALLY good. The Purely Anion's CFLs go green and beyond. How? These light bulbs include a negative-ion generator which produces negative ions which are said to have beneficial effects to indoor environments  which are typically flooded with positive ions from things like TV screens, computer screens etc.With negative ions counteracting the negative affect of positive ones, Purely Anion claims its bulbs allegedly can remove cigarette smoke and dust, reduce e.coli and ozone in the air and create 900,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. So yeah, lighting your home,saving money and the environment and energy AND removing harmful stuff from the air at the same time-that's a no brainer. It's JUST COOL!

via Dvice

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