architecture : a castle built from garbage

If eccentric old men and piles of garbage aren't your thing, then steer clear of one of  California's historical landmarks called Nit Wit Ridge. This heap of trash, castle-like structure is what I would consider to be Outsider Art at its finest. It was built by a garbage man, Arthur Harold Beal, over the course of 51 years. Art began his creation in 1928 by digging out a hillside in Cambria and used rocks, abalone shells, wood, beer cans, tile, car parts and other assorted junk rescued from the town dump to create his own "Hearst Castle" .
Despite it's now delapidated condition, the present owners of this funky property are still giving tours. Nit Wit Ridge is located in Cambria at 881 Hillcrest Drive, about 20 minutes north of Cayucos. Tours are available from the owners, Michael and Stacey O'Malley, by calling 805-927-2690. Not quite your average tour but it is  - JUST COOL!

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