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I was just uploading pictures to my Paint Shop Pro program and a message came on: "increasing your virtual memory". Heck I am no computer wiz. I mean I know a little html, (enough to keep my website and blog going , hehe) and I know how to work my paint programs but when it comes to fine tuning my computer and analyzing the why and how of how things work and why my memory is low, I am totally in the dark.I'll leave that part up to the experts and a good registry cleaner program like jv16 PowerTools.

So why do I need my registry cleaned and what is all this clean registry stuff? Microsoft designed a system defined database called the registry which everyone has on their computer and which speeds up their operating system. But when a computer's system is not serviced and maintained regularly to rid it of all the no longer needed entries that take up precious disk space, it slows down and it doesn't work efficiently. And believe me, we all know that we have a lot of entries no longer needed in our computers. Thats when we call on a "registry cleaner". So which registry cleaning program works best? Enter jv16 PowerTools 2009 who has done a registry cleaner comparison study between the most popular registry cleaners on the market. Their selection of products was based upon which products were the most popular and reliable . Out of these most popular registry cleaners that they reviewed, CleanMyPC,EasyCleaner,RegistryFirstAid,jv16 PowerTools 2009,Reg Seeker and others, jv16 PowerTools program performed above the others. In fact there was no comparison when it came to their actual registry cleaning or error fixing ability. For that reason, jv16 PowerTools is the ultimate Windows optimization and tuneup utility suite. It keeps your computer in top performing condition and maintains it's overall stability. Plus it fixes problems, is easy and SAFE to use and it's a FREE to download. I like that! Add the fact that it is spyware & trojan free and has a satisfaction guarantee makes it a no brainer choice for which registry cleaner to use. Now to get this computer cleaned up so I can upload more photos and show you the paint projects I have been working on.

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