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With all that the internet has to offer these days comes the good the bad and the ugly. The ugly being privacy issues. For instance, take email. I have several different accounts (don't we all?) and more than 50% of each is inundated with spam.Advertisers and spammers who I have never heard of trying to sell products and services that I will never use.

Not true though if you use an email service called Privacy Harbor. Their email service is a little different. For instance they are the only email system that does not re-purpose user content for any reason. Infact PrivacyHarbor.com's free email service goes to great lengths to keep all of your messages out of the hands of advertisers and others who want to see your email,  spammers and advertisers alike. And they offer great features too. Like secure email account with no ads or marketing partners keeping your personal information,anti-spam and virus protection to avoid ever getting spam in your inbox, you can see when a person has read your sent messages, ability to retract messages that you sent in error, individual and company-wide folder organization, and alot more. Because just like your personal mail and telephone conversations, your email too, should be private!


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