science :: amazing dolphin discovery!

Remember my earlier post about the dolphins at SeaWorld? Well I was amazed again when I just saw this video and I'm sure you will be too! Dolphins, those beautiful docile sea creatures of the deep, apparently have brains to match. Just recently at SeaWorld in Orlando Florida the dolphin's trainers, educators and guests have discovered an unusual new behavior from these beautiful grey mammals. What is it? They blow perfectly concentric bubble rings from their blowholes and play with them!  Perhaps after thirty plus years of captivity in the Sea World aquarium, they have become bored and need a new activity to keep them occupied. You think?
It's an amazing thing to watch. The dolphins angle their heads in such away that when they blow the ring of air from the top of it, a perfectly cylindrical shape is formed and instead of floating upwards like most bubbles do, it moves down or forward and the dolphins playfully manipulate and spin  their new toy to play with it. What is remarkable is how intelligent they must be to learn and teach this phenomena to each other and so quickly, too.  

Take a look at the  Dolphin Bubbles video and be amazed yourself! Imagine all the fascinating things that dolphins must do outside of captivity - out in the open sea? These  gentle  "treasures of the sea" are JUST COOL!


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