art :: unusual snowglobes

Like most people, I love snow globes. And I love them even more when they are as unique, quirky and odd as these from the NY Artist team Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz.

Snow Globes 2000-2006

Traveler 204

Traveler 156 at Night, 2005 ©Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz

Traveler 46 at Night, 2003©Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz

Traveler 79 at Night ©Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz

The artists' created their "Travelers" Snow Globe series 2000-2007 to be no longer the "kitschy souvenirs" of childhood but instead dark, thought provoking narratives of human interaction, loneliness, alienation and the human condition.

Pretty JUST COOL...eh?? I think so!

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