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I'm so glad I can depend on my painting and writing to make my living, because in these trying economical times there are so many people out there who have lost their jobs, been laid off or are still searching for a job. Fortunately, there is  help. LIGHTSHIP RESEARCH takes the stress and agravation out of job hunting. Their business of finding employment for such individuals, generates direct access to the companies and the people who have the power to hire them. Just read this testimony!
I quit using recruiters since I ran into Lightship Research -http://www.lightshipresearch.com , the “reverse headhunters”. Now I found a way to control my own destiny instead of chasing black holes. I must say, in these days, it's seldom that I find any business or service doing anything right. These guys are an anomaly. When I first hired them, my computer got stolen at a Starbucks and  they gave me good advice on how to get reimbursed by my insurance company. My Team Leader drove 35 miles on a Sunday to get a copy of my resume emailed to Kinkos, so I could get it printed for a Monday interview that they had helped me get. This is the best investment I have ever made. They showed my how to get a job and helped me with every detail along the way. I am now a Vice President of Business Development for a fast growing banking software services firm.

T. Ogden, LA
If you are in the job market then you definitely should check them out!

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JobSearchNinja said...

Every applicant should look closely at their resume and make it stand out to be noticed by their prospective employer. To top the competition resume should be adequate and compelling.