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Finally! An airline that caters especially to your pet. Pet Airways is a new and unique air transport service for pets. Co founders, Dan Weisel and Alysa Binder got the idea when traveling with their dog, Zoe (who, btw bares a striking resemblence to Poppy Petunia!)

Instead of being treated like baggage in the cargo hold, your pet enjoys secured accomodations in the main cabin making for a safer, less traumatic trip for Fido and Fluffy. The "pawsenger" is checked in at the Pet Lounge at the airport, where a doting pet "attendant" will give him a potty break before boarding. On board the attendants are always present, attending to each pets every bark and meow. And if you want to check on how your pet is doing, a pet tracker is provided to monitor your pets trip.The airline has scheduled its first flight for cats and dogs on July 14th, and will serve five US cities - New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles.

So make your reservations now! Pet Airways - it's JUST COOL!

via BBC news

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