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In the market for the cat of your dreams? If money is no object, then $175,000 will buy you a beautiful spotted Ashera kitten, hand delivered to your door. This rare and exotic hybrid cat even has a payment plan if you can't afford the hefty price tag up front (although the payment plan may outlive the cat!).

I visited Lifestyle Pets and was so enthralled by this sleek spotted feline that I gave in and placed not one but three in my shopping cart. After all I don't want them getting lonely!

Lifestyle Pets describes this extravagant pet the as being "one of the rarest domestic cat available today. A proprietary blend of the exotic bloodlines of the African Serval and the Asian Leopard Cat subsequently crossed with a rare domestic cat, the ASHERA grows up to 30 pounds (14 kg). The Snow Ashera is a rare version of the standard Ashera and differs in that the background color is white instead of the brown caramel seen in the standard cat. The result is a striking animal that resembles the famed white tigers. The Royal Ashera is rarer still, with less than four kittens produced each year. The Royal Ashera has a cream background but uniquely, the spots and stripes are tiger orange, instead of black. The Royal Ashera is indeed the rarest domestic cat in the world and will be enjoyed by just a few.

What a JUST COOL Cat this is!

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catmum said...

Sorry to say it, but I'm sorry to even see this. With specialty breeding, we don't see the ones that don't get sold, or are un-saleable. What happens to them? It's so sad, so wrong, pet breeders of any kind. There are so many unwanted pets that need adopting. Think of the hungry pets in shelters, or on the street, or even the hungry children, that this money, spent on a vanity accessory pet, could help.

wendy presseisen, said...

catmum, i do agree with you. the look is cool but the whole concept of how it got cool looking is wrong. for some reason part of my post does not show up (maybe because it was about this company that sells them and google nixed it)Fortunately the company has been shut down but sad to say this selective breeding still goes on all over the world. thanks for your comment!

Julie said...

Yes, the whole concept is janky, but
OMGosh that is the coolest looking cat EVER!!!!

Ryn said...

According to Wiki-- Ashera cats are fake. They are actually Savannah cats being pawned for an exorbitant amount of money.