auto art :: an abstract Picarsso

Picasso painted cubist abstracts on canvas. Andy Saunders paints his cars into Picassos. An example? This wild and wonderful 1938  Citroen 2CV that he transformed into a work of art on wheels, naming it "Picasso's Citroën."

"Regarded as the UKs top custom car builder, Saunders has been at the forefront of wild car creations for almost 30 years, having built over 40 individual customs and restored a number of classics. It is, however, his unique, off the wall designs and drivable car sculptures that have earned him the most critical acclaim and attracted global media attention. One journalist described Saunders as an automotive alchemist for he turned base cars into gold. In addition to participation in various European Concours dElegance events and recently completing a pair of special commissions for Hyundai, most recently, Saunders claimed his third Guinness Book of World Records title, this time for the worlds lowest camper van. Created onstage in just three days and before an audience of over 34,000 car enthusiasts, the diminutive 1980 VW Camper stands at just 3.3 feet tall."

A Picarso that is JUST COOL! 

Le Rêve (The Dream) by Pablo Picasso (1932)

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