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I was just about to renew my home insurance when I found out this interesting fact. If  I have a home security system installed I can save up to 20% off my premium! So, I'm in the market for a REAL security system for my home. My Poppy Petunia "guard dog system", just won't do.  Seriously  I don't think itty bitty nine pound Poppy Petunia would be of much help should we have a break in. She would just roll over and lie on her back waiting for the burglar to scratch her belly.  Ultimately what I  need is  sophisticated, state of the art security  like the wireless security system  that Protect America offers. The company uses GE products, the most trusted name in electronics and have several great packages to choose from. I like the Platinum package which   includes 15 entry points, a motion detector and even garage security. I've done my homework and found that Protect America combines the best price with the best equipment and service compared to other companies in the field. It will certainly be  a comfortable feeling knowing that my home is being protected 24/7 - yep, even while I am away on vacation. So I guess it's time to give Poppy Petunia a break and relieve her of her "guard dog angst" . I'll give the company a call at 877-470-2751 to get more info and oh yeah , if I place an order I will get two free keychain remotes - VERY convenient. Check Protect America out for your home security! Security that is JUST COOL!


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