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My family lives in small town in upstate New York where crime is definitely on the rise. Years ago when I myself was growing up here as a child it was a safe place to live. People didn't lock their doors, kids were allowed to play outside and even walk downtown unsupervised, with no worries that a crime could occur. Today we have one of the fastest growing crime rates in the area. There have been several break-ins and burglaries even on this street alone. Having a security system around here is a must, not only to warn when crime strikes but just for the sense of security that it provides. I checked out a great website called Protect America, Inc, that offers several packages for just such security.I like the Gold package which covers 12 entry points and comes with a host of added security features PLUS a motion detector which is so important (since last year I had my tires slashed right out in my driveway and my daughter had someone try to break in through her window in the middle of the night. Talk about terrifying!) I noticed on the website that if you call their toll free number, 877-470-2751 to order your wireless security system you also get two keychain remotes with your order. If its anything like my car remote I definitely want that included too! So check out the website. Because it's better to be safe then sorry when protecting your home and your loved ones!


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Aroundtheclocklocksmith.Com said...

Yes, agreed. Consumers should also do their homework before buying a security system or even having a locksmith service install locks at home. It is better to be sure first.