medicine :: hypno surgery

Weightloss made easy. Could it be the surgical technology of the future? Actually it requires no surgery at all - no cutting or invasive procedure - just a long nap and some subliminal suggestions.

35 year old Marion Corns, underwent imaginary surgery when a hypno therapist put her into a trance, convincing her that she had undergone lap band surgery when in reality no surgery was performed at all. Corns was talked through the detailed procedure which even went as far as having hospital smells pumped into the room to boost the effect. Corns said, “Bizarrely I can even ‘remember’ being wheeled into theatre, the clink of the surgeon’s knife and smell of the anaesthetic.” Afterwards Marion felt her stomach had tightened and she was full on just a small bit of food. The mother of three from Whiston, Merseyside, GB who was living in Spain when she heard about the treatment, said: “I simply can’t eat a lot of food now.” and incredibly lost 56 pounds in a matter of four months. The imaginary surgery was performed in five sessions and cost £780.
Cheaper, safer "surgery" - Imagine if it were applied to other facets of medicine? The possibilities are endless and JUST COOL!

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