toys :: stuffed e.coli the kids will love!

Got a cold? Or the flu? Or do you want to learn their secrets? These 4-inch plush critters look like the real microbes that put you under the weather, only about a million times actual size. GIANTmicrobes® , masterminded by creator Drew Oliver are furry characters that come with an image and information about the real microbe they represent. 
But common ailments aren't the only creatures that GIANT Microbes make. Their creative stuffed line runs the microbe gamut from Bed Bugs to dust mites, maggots, e.coli and even brain cells. When you think about it they're kind of icky but these cute and cuddly stuffed germs are great learning tools for the kids. Especially when they are sick. Check the huge cooties selection out at Giant Microbes . They are JUST COOL!

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