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Poppy Petunia has the worst breath lately!! It smells like dead fish and no matter what product I try, it just doesn't work. On top of that she just picked up another problem or should I say obsession -constantly licking her front legs. She needs relief and we need refuge from her dreaded fish breath. I switched her diet to a new very expensive dog food, (she doesn't like it either- of course! ) and even that didn't help. So am I happy that I just found a  great website that may be the solution for her problems. It asks you questions about your dog and then custom tailors a program of health supplements and products for him / her. It's like taking a trip to the vet without leaving the comfort of your home. Poppy definitely likes that! I went to their  solutions center    , answered all their questions and Dinovite recommended some great products, from supplements, to treats and shampoos. I learned a lot about how our pets metabolize their food which in fact can be the root cause of allergies, shedding and even bad breath like Poppy has.  Did you know that commercial dog food is cooked at extremely high temperatures which actually destroys many of the delicate nutrients your dog needs to be healthy. Basically, our pets walk around in  state of  semi malnourishment, missing things like vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, beneficial bacteria and essential fatty acids. Excessive shedding, itchy skin and stinky breath and fur are all signs of a nutritional deficiency and Dinovite fills in those lost nutirent "gaps"  with it's specially formulated supplements. So how's your dog smelling these days? If your answer is "not too good" then you really need to check out Dinovite for a customized solution to your doggy odor problem.


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Anonymous said...

What a priceless shot :)

Uncivil said...

Oh my
Emily my little Boston has bad breath from time to time, but I believe it's when she sneaks a cat turd when I'm not lookin'?

I cook chicken for my dogs and mix it in with their expensive dry food, but I'm gonna start giving them some eggs and salmon to go with it after visiting and reading the Dinovite site!
I had a friend who used to raise birds and he would put a few drops of the liquid bird vitamins/supplements in his dogs water bowl. His dog always had the shiniest coat, but it looked like someone had peed in his water bowl?
Good post by the way!

Hope Poppy gets her sweet breath back soon!!!