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Lately I have been thinking about broadening my horizons - maybe even finding a new career . What would my dream job be? A traveling journalist would be fun I think.It's great how the internet makes learning new things and improving ones career skills so easy for everyone.  I've been reading about a new platform that Learn.com , the leader in on-demand workforce development and productivity, just rolled out. It makes Elearning  fun and easy by providing a single, integrated site for those seeking skill improvement for a particular job profile and those seeking to hire skilled, "job ready" workers. It has a huge database of learning programs, and what I think is very impressive, is that  it even has member created courses and there are some interesting travel courses included that I might take. I like the idea of members (by the way, you can register for free) being able to contribute to the website also. In fact people can  publish their own courses and receive a percentage of the revenue their courses generate.So this site has really got it covered when it comes to learning and enhancing your career skills as well as sharing your knowlege with others. Whether your goal is to earn a degree in business, get your paralegal certificate or just take a personal development course, like yes, attracting butterflies, brewing your own beer or juggling, there's truly something for everyone here. So check it out!

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