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Happy Sunday everyone! Time for some religion and a visit to the infamous Hill of Crosses.

photo via squierj

If you are ever in Lithuania be sure to visit this sacred landmark that has long been shrouded in mystery. Studded with over 50,000 crosses, it began in the 14th century before Christianity even came to Lithuania and Russia and is of pagan origin. The story behind the crosses goes that good luck would follow anyone who claimed his spot on the mountain with his very own cross. Despite it's turbulent history (the soviet government went as far as burning and removing all the crosses and bulldozing the site), faith prevailed and the Hill of Crosses rose up even stronger and is now covered with tens of thousands of crosses - so many that they have stopped counting them! Today the Hill of Crosses remains the symbol of Lithuanians’ Christian faith and is one of the main pilgrimage sites in the country.  On September 7, 1993, Pope John Paul II visited it declaring it a place for hope, peace, love and sacrifice.
Those lucky Lithuanians - how JUST COOL!
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