food :: chocolate humps

Who doesn't LOVE chocolate? How about camel's milk chocolate? Leave it to those richies over in Dubai, namely Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, to come up with this chic-ly divine chocolate product. His exclusive company, Al Nassma, was established in October of last year and aims to produce 100 tons of premium camels' milk chocolate a year reigning as "the Godiva of the Middle East", with plans on expanding into new Arab markets, Japan, the United States and Europe. 3000 camels on the Dubai farm supply the milk,which is healthier than cow's milk containing five times more vitamin C, less fat, less lactose and more insulin. The pricey bars are produced without preservatives or chemical additives and laced with a tasty range of popular spices, nuts and honey.
Look for the exclusive "camel candy" to be offered online in the next few months.Sounds like some JUST COOL chocolate I'd like to try. Plus those camels are sure cute!

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