mattresses :: sleeping with the enemy

If you are in the market for a new mattress than listen up , because not all mattresses and mattress brands are created equal.There are many types of mattresses on the market , memory foam being the most popular choice over innerspring mattresses today. Not only does memory foam have the ability to contour itself to your body but it cradles you in comfort and support as well. But be careful when purchasing that new memory foam mattress and do your homework like I have. You will be surprised to know that the conventional memory foam mattress you purchased a few years ago may be your enemy and may actually be making you sick! Regular memory foam, also known as Visco-elastic memory foam or visco foam, is made with petroleum based chemicals and often contains toxic components in it's makeup. And because overseas manufacturers (who often produce these mattresses) have no regulatory laws regarding the manufacturing of their product, they aren't required to disclose these chemicals. Nasty ones like Cyanide, Acetone, Lead compounds , Benzene, Dioxins and Furans. Ones that have been linked to cancer, heart, lung and kidney damage etc. Yuk... just imagine these very chemicals lulling you to sleep each night. Not a pleasant thought, is it?
So how do you get a comfy, cozy memory foam mattress sans that nasty toxicity?
Enter the Essentia Natural Memory Foam Mattress, the ONLY natural memory foam manufactured in the world. Made from rubber tree sap and "adhesive free technology", Essentia's patented process infuses organic essential oils, plant extracts and water into the foam composition to give it a memory foam like feel. The result? Luxurious and outstanding comfort, no chemical off-gassing or odor,a healthy, allergy-free sleeping environment, extreme durability (a 20 year warranty!), a mattress 80% more breathable than conventional memory foam, a faster recovery time and, get this, a miracle mattress that is biodegradable! I DEFINITELY want one!You can read more about this amazing natural mattress over at MyEssentia.com and get ALL the facts for yourself . Finally a mattress that is really JUST COOL!

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