pets :: a suitcase bed

Ever notice how "Fluffy" always finds the worst (for you) places to claim as her sleeping domain. Like your suitcase - when you're packing for a trip - there she is lounging out on your neatly folded clothes. So isn't this great? I found these cute pet beds over on Etsy that give kitty a stylish suitcase all her own .

Vintage Renaissance makes these , transformed from vintage suitcases into upcycled and wonderful pet beds for those jet-setting animals in your life. The removable and washable pillow is custom-made with a durable 100% cotton fabric and filled with eco-friendly stuffing and the funky legs add some serious retro style.Socially and environmentally friendly, these pet beds are suitable and sturdy enough for any small pet (or two!) that might need a cozy place to sleep! I think even Poppy Petunia might like these - they're JUST COOL!

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