technology :: searching with favitt

There are a lot of search engines on the web today but I think I've finally found one that I am going to like. Favitt is a Google custom search where you can upload your own photo for the background. So instead of having Google's generic selection of backgrounds, or even just the boring white one, Favitt makes the choice yours!  I uploaded this cute shot of my granddaughter Calla at a wedding recently. I don't think I 'm biased as her Mimi to say that she is just PRECIOUS! And now I get to look at that sweet face every time I do a search. Uploading your photo to make personalized wallpaper for your background on Favitt is easy to do, too. Just go to the webpage and it leads you step by step - it's easy as pie! And searching with Favitt is easy too. Favitts ExpertRank algorithm provides relevant search results by identifying the most authoritative sites on the Web. . Their ExpertRank algorithm goes beyond  link popularity  to determine popularity among pages considered to be experts on the topic of your search and at the exact moment your search query is processing, Favitt utilizes many additional calculations that the other search engines just do not perform. The result is world-class relevance that is spot on to what you are searching for! So go ahead, check out Favitt , upload your favorite photo and get started searching  for those relevant results now! 


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