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Divine intervention has surely brought some funky looking fruit to the table in the past few years. If the oddly shaped vine grown fruit "Buddha's Hand" isn't odd enough for you then take a look at these heavenly Buddha shaped mini pears which will soon be hitting the produce market.

A Chinese farmer has reinvented the pear, growing it into a funky buddha shaped fruit and despite it's hefty cost of $8 each, locals in his home village of Hexia, northern China, considering the fruit to be lucky,have reportedly been buying it up. Gao Xianzhang has created 10,000 of his heavenly pears this season and plans on marketing them throughout the UK and Europe. The farmer spent six years perfecting his harvest, carefully crafting each one which grows inside an individual mold.

I'm not certain if the pears have divine powers but they sure are JUST COOL!

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Tanja said...

Coool. I like your blog so much! You are doing a really good job!