food :: baby bottle winos

Last December an unusual restaurant opened on the corner of Prince and Elizabeth Streets in New York. At La Cave des Fondus the fare is not unusual - true to it's name it specializes in tasty fondues. It's the bottle service that you'll find a bit different since wine and other beverages are served up in baby bottles instead of classic stemware. Jacques Ouari, owner of the Manhattan restaurant strived to make this restaurant a faithful replica of the fun Montmartre restaurant Le Refuge des Fondus in France, where Parisians eagerly suck down their wine just like real babies suck down formula.

But what about the sanitary factor? The health department gave Oari the green light to open as long as all bottles went through the dishwasher. Still, how sanitary can that be? Really... eeeewww... I think I'll stick with my platex disposable bottles. ( Place looks JUST COOL though )

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