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Rat-eating plant: The team of botanists, led by British experts Stewart McPherson and Alastair Robinson, found the plant on Mount Victoria in the Philippines. Photo: STEWART MCPHERSON

If the play / movie "Little Shop of Horrors" didn't spark your interest about the intriquing world of carnivorous plants, then listen up. Not only is the Venus Fly Trap a fascinating plant creature but there are literally hundreds of others that have adapted and evolved into this unique and interesting plant group that lures, traps and then devours insects. They entice their prey with scent, color, and nectar and can be found growing in most regions of the world and although most do eat small insects, the larger plants such as Nepenthes can eat small amphibians and rodents.CRAZY! It's no wonder that these unusual plants are collected and grown by hobbyists the world over! Makes me want to get my green thumb out and give this hobby a whirl. But living in the Northeastern United States (the mercury dropped to 28 degrees last night and it's only October and I live in a big old drafty Victorian house) I don't know how the little fellas would survive under my care. But take a look at these spectacular bug eating wonders. What beautiful examples of Mother Nature's creativity!

venus fly trap

Sarracenia flava


Drosera peltata



So...aren't these amazing plants JUST COOL?? Find out more about them - even how to grow them at sarracenia.

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