art :: its only a paper head

Without a doubt, homemade Halloween costumes are far superior to generic ones bought in the costume shop or at the store. Artist Eric Testroete proves that with his "this years" halloween costume. He created his own head in cartoon-like BIG HEAD mode and made it entirely of paper. Using graphic software including 3D Max, he designed, modeled,printed and folded this faceted paper mask to go over his head and tuck under his jacket. Seems like a mighty intense process but the result? A very cool Eric in Wonderland effect. WOW!

Check out more of Eric's unusual art projects in his portfolio online. They're JUST COOL!

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website design said...

this is really cool! i love it! what creativity. it must have been really hard doing that.. :)

youngpong said...

This would be a great idea for a start of a new business~!

Valencia said...

Dare to say that that paper head is a real masterpiece!
Lie it a lot.