cool product :: the minimalist watering can


The challenge with conventional watering cans? Ensuring that the water hits its target and not everywhere else.. They're also pretty unsightly, so why not make a watering can thatlooks like a work of art too? French-born Pascal Charmolu came up with the antidote: This beautifully streamlined, practical design. Made of 18-0 stainless steel, this can features a flexible silicone hose with a built-in magnet that allows it to be attached to the can’s body when not in use. When watering your plants, simply hold the metal cylinder with one hand and the hose in the other. Move the metal cylinder up or down to cease water flow. Pascal is the other half of Born in Sweden, a new design house from Europe that has just opened up in the North American market.A pretty slick looking watercan, don't ya think? Now the only problem left is which color to choose?
It's very JUST COOL!

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