iphone :: RAVENSWORD released today - at app store now!!

Speaking of  iPhones, I awoke this morning to mine playing  "Papa loves Mambo" . It was my son, Josh with GREAT news! Apple just released his rpg game RAVENSWORD : THE FALLEN KING...only a few hours ago! I am soooo excited for him and so VERY PROUD of him!!  Everyone was on pins and needles last week when apple rejected the game submission due to a glitch in the engine that it was created on. But it was quickly fixed, resubmitted and apple has passed it with flying colors. Here are the details from TOUCH ARCADE:

"Apple must have expedited the reapproval of Crescent Moon Games' Ravensword as it appeared in the App Store early this morning for $6.99.
Similar to recent Elder Scrolls games like Morrowind or Oblivion, Ravensword is an open world roleplaying game with both a main quest line to follow and a considerable amount of side-quests. The developers have quoted anywhere between 6-8 hours of gameplay to complete the initial quest without taking side-quests into account.
The Ravensword game world is surprisingly detailed for an iPhone game, and performs remarkably well. Along the way you will equip your character with all kinds of different magical items and slay hordes of enemies as the main quest line slowly reveals your character's mysterious identity."
So people, this spectacular RPG game is just another reason to go iPhone! You can buy RAVENSWORD : The Fallen King - iPhone's most ambitious roleplaying game at the Apple Store. It's only 6.99 and of course JUST COOL! Off to buy mine now, so  later peeps!

Oh...here's a preview of  the game - Joshy explaining the play...

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