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Craigslist gets stranger by the day. Instead of checking the newspaper for weird  news, I skip it and go directly to Craigslist. So because Turkey Day is right around the corner, I  thought that this cute little fella would make a newsworthy tidbit...

Meet Jerry. Lyndsey Medeiros and her husband adopted the three-year-old turkey and his girlfriend Penelope from a Rhode Island farm last week. But Jerry has cataracts, and his eye problems mean he can't eat independently or join his female companion, for fun and flying.
Medeiros has posted an ad on Craigslist seeking donations for the surgery. She said the procedure could cost up to $2,600. Her farm in Rehoboth, Mass., cares for other animals with health problems. "My husband and I rescued a 3 year old Turkey from an add on craigslist last week. I realized that he had a bluish tint to his eyes, he walked into things and had a hard time eating and drinking on his own and after brining him to a veterinary opthamologist it was discovered that he has cataracts that can be corrected with surgery. We would not be even contemplating surgery for Jerry unless it greatly improved his quality of life, but right now he needs full assistance to eat and drink and is pretty sedentary because of his lack of vision. Unfortunately surgery costs upwards of $2600, which is a little out of our reach for us for an animal that otherwise possibly would have ended up on someones dinner table. We are accepting donations to go towards Jerry's surgery and care afterwards..." So, if you are interested in not eating but helping a turkey this Thanksgiving, then go here to reply to the craigslist ad. And BTW, we're skipping the turkey this year and eating lobster. YUMMMMM.

Craigslists - WEIRD very WEIRD - but JUST COOL!

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