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If you are like me and an avid movie watcher then probably by now you are starting to switch your dvd collections to blu ray instead of the standard hd dvd format. Technically, what exactly is the difference? I was  wondering that too.While current optical disc technologies such as DVD, DVD±R, DVD±RW, and DVD-RAM rely on a red laser to read and write data, this new format uses a blue-violet laser instead, hence the name Blu-ray. Despite the different type of lasers used, Blu-ray products can easily be made backwards compatible with CDs and DVDs through the use of a BD/DVD/CD compatible optical pickup unit. The benefit of using a blue-violet laser (405nm) is that it has a shorter wavelength than a red laser (650nm), which makes it possible to focus the laser spot with even greater precision. This allows data to be packed more tightly and stored in less space, so it's possible to fit more data on the disc even though it's the same size as a CD/DVD. This together with the change of numerical aperture to 0.85 is what enables Blu-ray Discs to hold 25GB/50GB. Recent development by Pioneer has pushed the storage capacity to 500GB on a single disc by using 20 layers.The format offers more than five times the storage capacity of traditional DVDs and can hold up to 25GB on a single-layer disc and 50GB on a dual-layer disc. This extra capacity combined with the use of advanced video and audio codecs offers  an unprecedented HD experience.

You may have backup copies of your regular dvds, but  why not safeguard your precious movie collections by creating backup copies of the blu rays too? 123CopyDVD offers software that does just that. With 123 Media Max software you can:
* Copy any Blu-ray movie
* It's playable on Blu-ray players or PS3
* You can burn Blu-ray movies on standard DVD
* Copy any DVD
* Convert + Burn YouTube videos
* It has an internet Video Clip finder
* and you can make unlimited free ring tones

So now you'll never have to worry about losing your valuable Blu ray and DVD movie collections because you can have perfect backups playable on Blu-Ray and DVD players or Sony PS3 courtesy of 123CopyDVD. Visit www.123mediamax.com  for more details on this JUST COOL software!

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