1. WHAT THE HECK! (saying that with gusto) Since my HELP CATS 10.00 PROMO on etsy is going so well I'm extending it another week. So check it out - all the cat prints are a mere 10.00 (reg 18.00) AND if you purchase three or more the shipping is free. (doesn't include ACEO purchases). When you purchase please make a donation $ or pet product to your local shelter /rescue and I will post the link to it on my policy and cat page.Besides have you checked the price of gas lately (im sure you have). Up here it's already $4.05 so you gotta save $ somewhere. So buy a print, here or there.

2. A change in my title bar logo - i crossed out MODERN - no more MODERN DESIGN (although I do love it so) - now its just DESIGN.Decided to broaden my blogs scope to encompass all styles, periods, art forms and all my ramblings and not be put into one MODERN box.

3. Who is Poppy Petunia? My furry third daughter, my Toy Fox Terrier dog of course!(I also have two human ones) Yup , thats the little rascal there, upper right, my avatar. Funny little neurotic little girl...she weighs a wee white 8 1/2 pounds. I might ramble off the subject and include her antics in this blog now and then.

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Uncivil said...

Oh wow....Poppy is a cutie. She weighs about half what my little Emily weighs.Would love to see her photos.
Thanks so much for the prints.

poppy-petunia said...

thanks jimmy, more to come of miss poppy -
your very welcome - enjoy!