Dogs again?

This cools me off just looking at these two
from suzelayne on Flickr

double trouble - excitement in the most dangerous natural infinity pool in the world

photo by griffin.k.b.
Attracting daredevils and water babies who love to live on the edge and will go to any depth to experience the ultimate life’s thrill, Devil’s Swimming Pool has to be the world’s most dangerous naturally formed pool, located mere inches from the lip of the Victoria Falls rim at a height of 360 feet (108 meters), before the raging waters spill into the vast gorges below in deafening sound.

now, how about some peace and serenity

alila villa design houseinfinity pool at alila villas musandam. oman.

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Romana said...

wow, nice! your house?

poppy-petunia said...

ha i wish!