Hot weather has never been a favorite of mine except in my teen years when we would slather ourselves with baby oil and iodine and bake in the backyard. No sunscreen back then and we even made reflectors from tinfoil and cardboard to quadruple the rays of the sun! What? Were we CRAZY???! But we didn't know any better and the ozone layer was still a thick blanket of protection. And heck, we didn't even know what an ozone layer was! Back in those days wouldnt my friends and I have killed for this ingenious SUN TENT that rotated with the sun. Our golden tans would be so even and effortless. And the envy of everyone.

Combine that with todays new fangled portable air conditioning units and we'd have the summer made.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
So finally it has arrived. They told us it would but I was in my weather denial mode. After all this has been the the strangest spring and it seems the weatherman hasn't once gotten it right. So, yup, it's here. That dreaded HEAT WAVE . Right now it is 93 degrees with no sign of letting up. So I'm at the computer surfing for another air conditioner. I especially like these new portable ones that roll from room to room. They are plain and simple in design so will go with any interior, plus they need no window installation. Highly efficient they even take humidity out of the air to make it seem even cooler.

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