It's back! My teen years were spent steeped in flower power. Mod fashion, pop art, mini skirts and brightly painted vw bugs. There were peace signs, Woodstock , bob dylan, andy warhol, timothy leary, sit-ins,vietnam,grungy bare feet and bellbottoms. Appliances were avocado green and coppertone brown, ceilings were low, and teenagers high. Sunshine wasn't only the warm yellow rays of the sun and a nickle wasnt just a coin that paid for a five cent stamp. (that was the going rate of a first class letter, a hershey bar, a bottle of coke and a phone home from the now extinct glass phone booth)
Luckily , parts of that 60's era got left behind.And fortunately there are ones that have come full circle and emerged today just as bright as ever. Like Flower Power. I love this resurge of abstract flower designs I am finding. What a statement these make in modern interiors today. A splashy pillow or a funky retro chair done in a mod floral design give any room a fresh new POW! Reprodepot has some prints that are JUST COOL!

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