Who'da thought a carpet would be beneficial to your health as well as environmentally conscious? Not me! I was happily surprised when I read up on these floor coverings from Raku Living Inc. From this Toronto based company, comes an innovative floor covering that, although it's concept has been around for centuries, lives up to today's standards in terms of eco friendly living. AND it's beautiful and comfortable to boot, ranging in designs from contemporary to traditional.

But beauty and eco friendliness isnt all that is Raku. These modern carpets are made of Igusa, a rush plant material that is renewable, sustainable and biodegradable. When I think of rush I think of hard rush seat chairs but this fiber has come a long way! Not only comfortable underfoot, igusa is exceptional in that it also provides extraordinary health benefits. Because of the natural sponge-like properties of the rush plant, this carpeting can absorb many types of household pollutants, odors and harmful gasses. And the health benefits don't stop there. Igusa acts as a natural humidifier and dehumidifier, regulating the air humidity to a healthy level.

So next time you are in the market for floor covering THINK GREEN and consider this ancient wonder that is making a comeback in environmentally sound interiors today. It is JUST COOL!
Available from Raku Living Inc.

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