Bamboo. Who'da thunk this feisty quick growing weed would become a savior in the World's current bout with thinning ozone layers, disappearing forests and broadening deserts? Years ago I owned a property that was overridden with this weed. Amongst my tidy grape arbors and asparagus beds, this gangly culprit would rear its ugly head. I remember the daily tug of war trying to rid my garden of it.
Now its not ugly anymore. Not at all. I'm seeing it show its organic beauty in all kinds of applications. From furniture to flooring to modern design accessories, to food, it has infiltrated every aspect of living today. And in a good way. Here are some facts that maybe you didnt know about this ancient miracle plant.
Bamboo is

  • The fastest growing plant on this planet
  • A critical element in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • A viable replacement for wood and one of the strongest building materials
  • A food source with antioxident properties
  • Versatile with a short growth cycle
  • A critical element of the economy
  • An essential structural material in earthquake architecture
  • A renewable resource for agroforestry production.
  • A natural controllable barrier
  • An ancient medicine
  • Integrally involved in culture and the arts

  • I love this extremely modern furniture from Modern Bamboo...don't you?
    The Spring Chair lives up to its name. This versatile seating piece derives its gentle motion from the inherent strength and flexibility of bamboo, and provides a unique respond to the weight and movement of each individual. The chair is a single sinuous ribbon of 100 percent laminated bamboo, gently contoured and tapered to fit the body. The curved form and the characteristic texture of bamboo are perfect complements. about $700.

    Becca Stool - about $600

    check out more interesting bamboo facts at WHY BAMBOO?

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    Uncivil said...

    Wow! You're doin' great with the blog Wendy! I had no idea bamboo was so useful?
    I used it to pole-vault over mom and dad's car when I was a kid!!!! te he he!!!

    poppy-petunia said...

    yup, see...its got even more uses - sports. thanks for reading jimmy and keep up the pole vaulting!