We couldn't enter
do we want to?
Nor could we leave

its pretty here...lets not...

Nor could we keep things out

awww...he's cute...lets not keep him out

Without doors we couldn't keep

little girls like calla from raiding the fridge
(however these doors don't seem to keep her out)

the grandkids away from messes
(aven & calla, my young artists at work)

they're having so much fun sooooo...whatever! Get into the paint closet!

Doors hide clutter

although these mugs are cool - why would you want to hide them?

Doors keep us safe
how easy would it be to pick this lock?

When I was young no one locked their doors - city or country. Life was safer back then of course.

But everyone did have doors.

except Josh & Sasha - still without doors ;)

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Zoe said...

your stuff is awesome!!..i love the kids..

Zoe said...

my husband is an antique dealer, he travels the world for doors, my favorite doors are turkish and spanish doors...i'll have to get you some pics...

poppy-petunia said...

you must have a cool house