it's weird and it's green...

The Amalia House started life as a request for a humble holiday cottage, but when Grid Architects got a hold of the project, it became a design of weird green angles and innovative functionality.

The first thing you notice about the place is its friendly green siding. Up close, the origins of the strange coating suddenly becomes clear; artificial grass. Chosen by the architects for its tactile qualities, as well as the way it helps the structure blend into the site it makes a seamless connection between building and surrounding landscape. It also allows the first floor roof slope to be used as a comfortable terrace and the cantilevered roof creates a covered space for lawn equipment and furniture, doubling up as a car port if need be.

On the inside there are a host of functional details as well. The living room area contains two large window openings that frame the surrounding meadow and bring the feeling of "outside" in. From the kitchen/dining area, a simple spiral staircase provides access to the upper level; a bedroom, children's room, bath and shower room.

Check out more on the Amalia House, Kirchbach, Austria. GRID | architects, via Wallpaper

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