Car of the future? NOT ...

The Aptera, it's here now!
My son sent me this link this morning and I just had to put it on JUST COOL because it is...well...just cool! From USA TODAY "... a futuristic commuter car powered by electricity with a skin of epoxy resin, not sheet metal. And perhaps oddest, it has three wheels, not four. The Aptera, with a range of 190 miles between charges, is intended to sell for around $30,000."
Read more about the Aptera here at www.aptera.com

And watch the video here. A M A Z I N G ! The only question I have is, where does the
license plate go.

Oh, BTW, I've seen this ad all over the web and wonder if it really works. It claims to save you hundreds of dollars by running your car on water. Well if it works, it means its good for the environment too! Have you heard of it? >Click here to read about it and let me know what you think !

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Giorgio said...

The Aptera is interesting. It looks a lot like the Quickie and Dragonfly experimental airplanes.

The other thing: the car running on water: it can't be. Water is NOT a source of energy. The only way to use it is by adding energy to the water (i.e. dividing it by electrolysis into hydrogen and oxigen, but the energy you will get later, when H & O recombine to form water again will never be as much as you put into it, as no process is 100% efficient.