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Poised precariously on the edge of a cliff, Casa Poli is an elemental concrete cube perforated by large square openings. Overlooking the Coliumo Penninsula just south of Santiago Chile, this dramatic monolith structure was designed by young Chilean/Argentinian architects Mauricio Pezo and SofĂ­a von Ellrichshausen who took the structures design que from its spectacular and remote setting. Local farmers and fisherman were put to work building it, handpouring the concrete into untreated timber frames with only the aid of a small concrete mixer and four wheelbarrows. To me the exterior appears austere and looming, yet the photos show another side to it's interior which looks very warm thanks to the organic and native materials used to build it and beautiful play of light from those interestingly arranged windows. I love the simple minimalist look in contrast with such strong lines and presence.

Casa Poli is definitely JUST COOL!
Thanks Cristobal Palma for your spectacular photography

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Romana said...

wow, looks really impressive. and i can imagine how hard it was to work there in such circumstances. great work.