weird :: body modification = three arms + elf ears

What's wrong with this picture?

I guess I am way off topic here but I've been haunted by this (shall I say disgusting) body modification topic for a week now after "stumbling" upon these two twins who
1. cut off one's arm to add to the other's body, hense one had three arms and the other had one
2. cut off one's finger to add to the other's finger giving him a 5 jointed finger and his brother a four fingered hand. (are you confused yet hehe)

I was totally disturbed by it and actually lost sleep over it. Dreadful visions danced in my head of my pierced and tattoo loving daughter (that I haven't seen in months) in some seedy dive, laying on a table having her wrists (or whatever) being cut off and transplanted with Akita dog paws. I called her daily to make sure it wasn't so. Most of the time she didn't answer. Now finally after a week, I'm over it and not "traumatized" by such thoughts or that disgusting website. I realize my mind was over-reacting.

Then, as fate would have it...this morning I stumbled upon another eery subject over at Palmer Cash's Blog . Elf ears...

"... Yes, elf ears. This is a procedure that is for those rare types who feel dressing up in flowing robes and speaking in a completely fake but completely developed Elvin language for “Lord of the Rings” marathons is not enough..."

You can have someone slice the top of the cartilage on your ear and then sew it back together into a sweet pointy, efish tip and become a forever elf.

Sorry people, but all of this body modification garbage is just that - GARBAGE. Can't we be content with what nature gave us?

I guess there's no getting away from it though - there are crazy people out there who enjoy maming their bodies. But still, to me it is not JUST COOL.

BTW, the story of the twins turned out to be an April Fools Joke - very well done though!
You can read the story here >>>>

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