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Remember that one geeky kid in Elementary School who would sit in the back of the class and carve pencils? He carved them in all sorts of configurations, designs and extraordinary shapes.
Starting from a lowly, generic green pencil like this...


he would end up with these...

Ball Joint Pencil

Ball Joint Pencil Close-up

Fold-up Pencil

Fold-up Pencil Collapsed

Fold-up Pencil Close Up

Six-fold spiral

Six-fold spiral close up

Honeycomb pencil

Pencil Carvings 05

Pencil Carvings 06

Pencil Carvings 09

Pencil Carvings 10

Actually I never knew such a kid and besides who would ever get it into their head to carve a pencil?

These photos are from a 1990’s Japanese exhibition titled “The JAD Project” and the intricate pencil carvings were created by Mizuta Tasogara and Kato Jado. They won the Planning Prize in the 11th ‘Hands Taisho’ contest. read more here >>>

Pencil carving - it's JUST COOL

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