cool product :: small but mighty - eco-cook

When DesignBoom put out the call for entries in it's DINING in 2015 Contest, designer Kechenyi Camille cooked up a great idea. The Eco-Cook won honorable mention in the contest, sustainably addressing both energy and water consumption while cooking.

"In a unique pot, the eco-cook divides into 2 or 3 spaces using nylon and silicon heat resistant perforated dividing containers and boils different food at the same time. Thereby, water and gas or electricity are saved. Moreover when food is taken out of the eco-cook, it will automatically drain out, saving precious time"

I hope someone picks up on this idea because I'm always " free forming" it in my pot and end of fishing out the carrots from the broccoli. Keeps your pots down to a minimum too.

Check out the other entries here>>>>

Thanx DesignBoom

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