art :: incredible edible landscapes

What's for dinner tonight? How about one of these incredible edible landscapes by Carl Warner?

#1: Broccoli trees bearing pea fruits in front of bread mountains. Yummm...

#2: Carrot stalactites and crustacean rocks over cauliflower reefs. Some melted butter please...

#3: Rice fields and a wall masoned with mixed nuts.

#4: Sweet potatoes and cabbage leaves - always a tasty combnation

#5: A salmon sea.... framed with dill trees

#6: Cheese farmhouses, chile pepper conifers, and a mushroom wagon wheel.

#7: pepper paradise...

#8: The crop rows are asparagus stalks, corn cobs, and what looks like zucchini.

#9: This last world, not quite as healthy but every bit as beautiful, is made from cold cuts and bread sticks.

You can see more of Carls work on his website.

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