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What's that saying - Good things come in small packages? Small indeed, is this utterly charming and cozy cabin designed by Swedish designer Mats Theselius together with Arvesund. The aptly named Hermit's Cabin is a teeny tiny dwelling equipped for all seasons .

Made of the wooden planks recycled from old wood barns in Sweden, Arvesund Tradesign has been building and shipping these little gems (the one person is 86 square feet, the two person model is a whopping 108 square feet) all over the World since 2001.

The Hermit Cabin can be fully customized to fulfill all of your hermit needs too, including an add on package consisting of a bed, chair, table, wardrobe and shelves. A handmade wood burning stove with separate water heater is also available. The two foot beard and holey overalls are optional.

The only thing it doesn't have is a bathroom - whoops! - so plan on buying two Hermit Cabins - one for the main house and one for the outhouse.

Its JUST COOL! I want one!

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Uncivil said...

Reminds me of my grandparent's outhouse.
They had a double seater and it was hooked on to the chicken pen?
Back in the 60's.....I saw one of my little cousin's come runnin' and screamin' outta there, cause a chicken got in and pecked him on the arse! I swear it's true!!!!