food :: a chocolate wolf in sheeps clothing

It seems that what was once real milk chocolate over at Hershey's has now become an ingredient called "mockolate" . Did you know ? And I was thinking that Hershey's kisses were all real chocolate. Whoa to me and all other diehard chocoholics out there!

"Because our consumers like fake chocolate better" is Hersheys defense for it's faux chocolate formulation that is going into many of its products now. From the Patriot News Hershey's is quoted as saying "Consumers love this, and people prefer the change,"

Cybil over at the Candyblog is outraged. To me it sounds fishy. And heck I thought they had a funny taste to them the last time I tried them!

Guess I'll stick to my La Maison du Chocolat - chocolates finest!

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