architecture :: on becoming a mini convert

how much space does it take to make us happy?

I've been thinking and writing alot about small houses lately. When it comes to architecture these days small is the new big. The trend is spreading all over - the once popular McMansions are losing favor to the Mini House. The fuel crisis, failing economy and eco- concious consumers are a big factor behind it, but for me, I think ridding myself of all the clutter and all the extraneous things and spaces I don't really need would be a totally freeing experience mentally and spiritually. It was when I saw this inspiring video about an Oregon woman named Dee Williams who did just that, built a tiny house on wheels and had a whole new world open up to her, that started me seriously, REALLY thinking about it. So lately I've been toying with the idea - I don't know whether it will ever become a reality but its a lovely dream. Watch Williams video and get a tiny bit inspired.

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